Babes – Amber Nevada Deadly Sexy / 29.10.2016

Faced with two all-natural beauties in Halloween costumes, the judges had an impossible choice on their hands. Between Amber Nevada's devilishly sexy dress, and her competitor's skin-tight latex cat-suit, they had to look these women head to toe and decide who had them scared stiff. When Amber started rubbing the host Marc Rose's bulge during the announcement of the winner, and letting him lift her dress to grab her ass and fondle between her legs, her rival stormed off in a rage. The judges lasted longer, but when Amber pulled out Marc's rock hard cock and started cranking it in a sloppy blowjob, they ushered themselves out of the room. Had the judges stayed, they would have given Marc a solid 10 for the way he fucked Amber until she was moaning with pleasure, then plastered her face with a thick facial cumshot!. Watch Amber Nevada videos online on