Jim Slip – Arteya Gagging In Gingham / 24.06.2016

As you will have seen the once shy boffinish babe, Arteya, had transformed into a fully paid up sex maniac over a period of 15 minutes. Anyway, as I stood doing my presentation to camera for Part 2 of this epic video, the lovely Gingham clad star-gazer leapt off the bed and plunged her tongue down my throat before dragging me on to the bed. We had to teach her some of the bizarre circus like positions employed in the "Karma Sutra Of Porn" so there was a little faffing about, which even puzzled the brilliant mind of Arteya. She must have been thinking what possible reason would anyone wish to fuck in a "Reverse cowgirl" position when one can just climb on a dick or simply get fucked from behind. I didn't dare tell her of the current strange fashion in porn for simultaneous multiple dick entry into orifices, where for example, in the case of a triple anal where one's dick would be rubbing against 2 others. Not my cup of tea, my brethren! Truly, I have heard people tell of some twisted and depraved pornographers employing amputees, dwarves, winches and shoe horns in order to cram as many dicks as possible into a girls arse and pussy, attempting to gain entry to the Guinness Book Of Records for "Most erect, gargantuan penis's simultaneously stuffed into a girl's holes ever attempted" I am told 8 is the most at the present time! Anyway, Arteya did a great scene and I welcomed her into the cesspit of porn!